​​Is your carpet in need of repair? Do your carpets have bulges, waves, holes, tears or unsightly seams? Replacing a whole room of carpet isn’t necessary just because there is a little damage.

​​​​ Carpet Repair service houston

Carpet repair can mean simple seam repair, carpet re stretching, or patching and that may be all that is needed to bring back the great look of your carpet. Call our carpet cleaning specialists for a free quote!

​Carpet repair specialists will bring back the great look of your carpeting.

Carpet Stretching Service

There are many factors that can cause bumpy carpet such as simply moving furniture or vacuuming.  Having your carpet re-stretched is easier and faster than you think and can save you money.  Our expert technicians at Oops! can improve the lifespan of your carpeting easily and in less than one day. 

Carpet Replacement Service

If cigarette burns, pet urine, food or drink stains remain for years on your carpet  then it can become permanently damaged. If that is the case then it may be the time to replace your old carpeting for new carpeting. Unraveled ends may cause an accident and/or will consume your carpet at some point. We can replace the entire carpeting if the condition is irreparable, or replace the damaged section of your carpet for a lower cost. At Oops! Steam Cleaning, you can find almost any solution for your carpeting issues. We now perform carpet sales and installation so you do not have to go through anyone else to have this problem solved soon. 

Even if there is no problem at all with your current carpet but you are considering new flooring, we invite you to take a look at our flooring selection online at OopsFloors.com

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Carpet Repair Services

Oops! Steam cleaning can help preserve your carpet. Stretching, patching or seam repair may be all that is needed to bring back the great look of your carpet.​​

  • Carpet seam repair
  • ​Carpet patching
  • Carpet stretching
  • Carpet water damage​​
  • ​Stair carpet fitting
  • ​Smoke damage restoration
  • Carpet dyeing

Water Extraction/Dry-Out Service

You are in safe hands because we are experts in cleaning carpet so we understand how to prevent mold or mildew from forming and can dry your carpeting quickly and efficiently using our custom-built equipment and specialized process.

Carpet Dyeing Service

Oops! Steam Cleaning also offers carpet dyeing for those who may have damaged their carpet beyond just cleaning options, which may be caused by bleach, dyes, etc.

Our technicians are trained to perform carpet repairs on seams, rips, or wrinkles in your carpeting.
Don't give up on your carpet just yet.

If you have any more questions, call us, we will be happy to assist you! 

We are experienced in carpet repair and fully equipped with all the tools needed and trained in professional repair techniques to get the best results. Oops! Steam Cleaning fixes all types of damage including water damage restoration.

We have seen everything. We are passionate about what we do. We will inspect the final job with you to ensure you are entirely satisfied and advise you on maintenance techniques. Repair your carpeting quickly by calling Oops! Steam Cleaning today. 

Our carpet repair service is available for the greater Houston area, we reach all cities on the north side  Cypress, TX., The Woodlands, TX., Spring, TX.  and we go as far as Richmond, TX. in the southwest Houston.

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