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Pet stains? Gone after a professional carpet cleaning service by Oops! Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning care. Urine among other hazardous wastes such as, blood, feces and vomit can be quite damaging to carpet. Urine can be the most difficult to remove and cause permanent damage in your fabrics and carpets if not removed quickly. 

​Carpet cleaning specialists follow ‘3 step process’ for urine in carpet:

  1. ​The acid rinse is the first step in urine treatment to neutralize the alkaline salt residue of oxidized urine. 
  2. ​Enzyme is the second step to eliminate deeply embedded odor causing bacteria such as urine, feces, and vomit. Enzyme will also make the carpet sanitary in order to be steam cleaned.
  3. ​ Finally, we use an oil-based protectant (part of the carpet cleaning care) as an additional step to help prevent any resurfacing of odors and stains from the sub flooring.

Carpet cleaning service is environmentally friendly.

Our carpet cleaning service Houston TX is effective & non-toxic because we use a safe but effective steam cleaning method and follow eco-friendly procedures to keep your carpet clean and looking great without compromising your health or the environment.

🍃Oops! Steam Cleaning provides steam cleaning for residential and commercial carpet cleaning.

🍃Oops! Steam Cleaning cares about your health that’s why we use pure saturated steam as a reliable cleaning method along with a non-toxic but green cleaning solution (so natural you can even drink it) for the best carpet cleaning results in Houston, TX.

🍃Oops! Steam Cleaning cares about the environment. For this reason we maintain an eco-friendly carpet cleaning care that’s more effective killing allergens at home and keeps the air clean.

🍃Oops! Steam Cleaning removes odors and stains from carpet caused by pet or human accidents including urine, vomit, feces or blood. Carpet cleaning specialists perform a bio-waste treatment that's safe for all people and pets in the home.

Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

Kill and Control Allergens in Carpet

We use  pure saturated steam for carpet cleaning that can get as high as 250 to 300 degrees. The steam comes from a custom-built truck mounted machine that powerfully extracts moisture and dirt from your carpets forever.​​ Our competitors might use dry cleaning to clean your carpet which will smear the dirt into the carpet or a hot water extraction method leaving behind a soapy residue.Hot water extraction has a low fluctuating temperature up to 200 degrees and a normal vacuum lifts up to 12 lbs which is not enough to release all the dirt. Oops! Steam Cleaning knows that the hotter the water (ours is 250 degrees) and the stronger the suction is (ours is a powerful blower) then the better the cleaning. ​

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Prices below for commercial carpet cleaning service does not include waste treatment for urine, vomit, feces or blood. If needed we charge additional to remove those particular spots.

Commercial carpet cleaning:

  • $0.20 /SF.

Minimum charge per visit is $110.00

(not including sales tax)

Protecting any fabric after cleaning is recommended by their manufacturer as well as by us ask for our Stain Protection For Carpet. 

Unusual spots/stains might require additional treatments or steps. (i.e. Blood, Color Stains, Urine, Feces, Gum, Filtration/Smoke Damage, Water Damage).

carpet cleaning houston

​Keep your carpet dirt free! Our carpet cleaning experts provide a professional carpet cleaning in Houston, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, etc. 

Any type of carpet can be and should be steam cleaned, the deepest cleaning process.

Allergies? Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is the recommended cleaning method for anyone especially people with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities. Avoiding allergens can even prevent asthma among children which is a very common illness these days. There are many airborne particles which cause allergic reactions in children, the elderly and pets. Other issues can affect your home's air quality and also produce allergic reactions. For example, dust mites living in your carpet, rugs, mattress, upholstery have been known to produce allergic reactions in skin.

Steam cleaning followed by our powerful vacuum will help eliminate dust mite colonies and keep everyone at home in good health. 

Professional carpet cleaning services

Our high temperature (250-300° degrees) steam is the best way to clean carpeted areas. Anything below 213° is inferior and a misrepresentation of the word "steam". Granted every carpet cleaning company says they are the best and use steam, but there is a huge difference in the kind of machines that they use in comparison to our truck mounted machines.

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💬 " Great job – I just got my carpet thoroughly cleaned and it has never looked better..."

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No Harmful Chemicals, Green Carpet Cleaning

​Our steam cleaning method allows for a better carpet cleaning without having to use any harmful chemicals, only pure saturated steam along with a hypoallergenic green cleaning solution made of dehydrated orange peels which is sprayed down to sanitize the carpet and leaves no residue behind.

Allergies?  Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Houston

Do you suffer from allergies? Oops! Steam Cleaning uses a chemical-free 100% green carpet cleaning solution not only for carpet but area rugs, upholstery and tile floors that is safe for everyone at home including pets. Oops! Steam Cleaning is proud to be one of a small group of carpet cleaning companies that care about your health and the environment. 

We do the best for your carpet.

​Residential Carpet Cleaning Service

Prices below for residential carpet cleaning service does not include waste treatment for urine, vomit, feces or blood. If needed we charge additional to remove those particular spots.

Residential Carpet Cleaning:

  • Halls -----------------------$1.00 /Linear FT.

  • Rooms --------------------$40.00 under 250 SF.

  • Stairs:---------------------$2.67/step

  • Closets/Landings:---- $1.00 /Linear FT.

Minimum charge per visit is $110.00

(not including sales tax)

Carpet cleaning technicians must inspect the carpet beforehand to identify the type of carpet fiber and spots.

If there are uncommon stains like vomit, urine, feces or blood, such stains need to be treated to remove them completely.

Room charges are based on the average size of 250 SF per room. Any room more than 250 SF will be charged accordingly. We ask that all breakables and items you want cleaned under be moved out of the area of cleaning before our arrival. If assistance is needed, then please notify the office.