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Area Rug Cleaning Houston TX is performed using our wonderful steam cleaning method. To keep costs down, we clean the rugs on site. In some circumstances, we must remove the rug from wooden floors onto a hard surface for the cleaning. Oops! Steam Cleaning is proud to give you, our customers, a cleaning that can't be surpassed.​

Area Rug Cleaning 

Don't trust your delicate Oriental, Silk, specialty fiber rugs in the hands of just anyone. We offer a Natural Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning method for a variety of rugs (i.e. Silk, Cotton, Wool, Jute, Sisal or any other fabric that might bleed colors).​ Pre-testing might be necessary to establish the nature of the fabric. Some fabrics are not suitable for steam cleaning however dry cleaning can be provided instead. Keep in mind that when it comes to natural fibers, after cleaning, it will require a conditioner to give the natural fibers back their natural feel/bounce. For this reason we also offer stainguard.

Due to the price differences we recommend that you contact our office to receive a price quote, or schedule a free in-person estimate with one of our technicians. Minimum charge per visit is $110 (not including sales tax).  

Wool Rug Cleaning​

When it comes to our wool rug cleaning service, after cleaning, it will require a conditioner to give the natural fibers back their natural feel/bounce. For this reason we also offer stainguard for area rug cleaning services. Call for a free-quote on our Rug Cleaning Houston TX!

Natural Fiber, Oriental & Area Rugs

​Prolong the life of your area rugs

​​[These prices do not include waste (urine, vomit, feces, blood) treatment, if needed.]

Natural/Oriental: $1.95/SF  (per side)

Synthetic:            $0.60 /SF (per side)

Best Steam Cleaning Company in Houston, TX

Keep your rugs looking beautiful and free from harmful bacteria that can affect your family's health. 

Some unusual fabrics (i.e. Silk, Haitian Cotton, Wool or any other fabric that might bleed colors) might require special attention which is additional. Some area rugs are made of delicate fibers, we make sure they receive the appropriate cleaning service. To know more go to Fiber Protection.

​We offer Area Rug Cleaning Service in Cypress, Katy, The Woodlands, Alvin, Houston and more metro areas.