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Does your home make you sick? 

There are many airborne particles which cause allergic reactions in children, the elderly and pets. These are microscopic elements you can’t see with the naked eye and they are commonly found in air ducts. A deep air duct cleaning by Oops! Steam Cleaning will remove these allergens and provide high quality air that you and your family need in your home.

If you haven’t had heating maintenance done in some time, we encourage you to call Oops! Steam Cleaning now for a professional air duct cleaning in Houston service. We will improve the air quality of your home and allow your air duct system to properly function once again. Don't let it go, call for a free quote for your HVAC service!

Looking for air duct cleaning in Houston?

When it comes to cleaning the air duct system, our Houston air duct cleaning service has the most advanced process to get the best results. The roto-brush tool we use can remove even the heaviest build up inside the walls. Our air duct cleaning equipment allows us to reach any corner in the dryer vents safely and efficiently.

We are Houston air duct cleaning specialists!

Oops! Steam Cleaning stands for reliable air duct cleaning. With our highly trained technicians and innovative equipment you can expect only the best. We offer professionalism and dedication so you receive a high-quality air duct cleaning experience. Trust our air duct cleaning service for residential and commercial settings.

Effective Air Duct Cleaning 

​Air duct cleaning has so many different methods and machines. We use a machine attachment that utilizes the power from our van (truck-mounted machine). Our method is a roto-brush that attaches to our vacuum hose that gently sweeps the ducts and sucks out all dust from the unit down and from the ground up. An additional method we use is System Fogging to kill mold/mildew in order to sanitize. This is an excellent way to remove allergens.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning helps with respiratory problems.

A proper air duct cleaning will help with the biggest causes of respiratory problems, specifically those who suffer from asthma and allergies. These microscopic elements that make it hard to breathe properly for those with respiratory problems can't be seen with the naked eye and are commonly found in air ducts. A good duct cleaning will remove a lot of them.​​

Getting your air ducts cleaned helps reduce allergens in the home improving the air quality for you and your family. Keep in mind that air ducts can be contaminated not only by dust, but also by fungi and mold. We perform the most professional air duct cleaning and effective treatment for mold removal as needed. 

air duct cleaning houston

If you need an air duct cleaning service in the Houston area, call for your FREE in-home estimate and reduce allergens in your home by keeping your dryer vents clean. When it comes to deeply clean the air duct system, our air duct cleaning service is the most advanced process to get the best results.

HVAC Maintenance Service Pricing

Each unit in your home may not need all these services. Some of these prices may vary depending on the length of your HVAC unit. Call us for a free in-home written estimate! ​

  • Vent Cleaning             starts at/per      $20.00

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning   starts at            $75.00 

  • Returns Cleaning                               $170.00

  • Heating Unit Cleaning                        $200.00

  • Cooling Unit Cleaning                        $200.00 

  • Main Line or Trunk Line Cleaning      $150.00

  • Access Panel                                       $22.00

  • Sanitize/Mold Treat                            $150.00      ​

Minimum charge per visit is $110.00 

(not including sales tax)

​​​The Environmental Protection Agency recommends cleaning Air Ducts when you suspect that mold exists in the Air Ducts. If you see a visible dust released from the supply registers when air is exiting the vents, it may be time to get air ducts cleaned.
How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

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