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CARPET CLEANING 3 ROOMS $110 OR 4 ROOMS $130 *FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE* "Accidents happen, we clean them up"

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

[This price does not include waste (urine, vomit, feces, blood) treatment, if needed.]

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost:

  • $0.20 per sq. ft

Minimum per visit is $110.00 charge (not including sales tax)

*Stain protection for carpet. Protecting any fabric after cleaning is recommended by their manufacturer as well as by us. *Unusual spots/stains might require additional treatments or steps. (i.e. Blood, Color Stains, Urine, Feces, Gum, Filtration/Smoke Damage, Water Damage).

Carpet Cleaning houston TX

Oops Steam Cleaning goes beyond from common carpet cleaning companies.

Professional carpet cleaning in Houston TX is provide by expert technicians. All procedures for carpet cleaning are eco-friendly, along with a green cleaning solution, completely natural.

> Place pads or coasters beneath sofa legs to protect carpets and rugs.

The more plush the carpet, the more obvious the marks left behind when you move the sofa. Since leaving furniture out of the room isn't a practical option, you can use several preventive methods to keep those carpet dents to a minimum....

Click here to read more about How to avoid sofa weight marks on carpet

​​​​​CARPET cleaning

​​Our high temperature (250-300° degrees) steam is the best way to clean carpeted areas. Anything below 213° is inferior and misrepresentation of the word "steam". Granted every company says they are the best and use steam, but there is a huge difference in the kind of machines that is used. Truck mounted machine for carpet cleaning

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30 day warranty for carpet cleaning

​We are dedicated to serve you with the most high quality cleaning, getting the best result. To ensure you are completely satisfied, we warranty our work and return to go over anything of concern within the 30-day period after the initial cleaning. 

Drying time after carpet cleaning

​We use a number 7+ blower in all of our machines, having a blower that is this size which is above the standard of other carpet cleaners allows us to have faster dry time. Unusual weather (i.e. humidity, cold climate..), not leaving the a/c or fans turned on, having pet treatment done, heavily soiled carpet, and/or adding protectant will increase the dry time of the carpet.

Filtration soiling notice

Filtration lines (soiling) are those dark lines or bands of soils that you find along walls, under doors that are kept closed for a length of time, under the skirting of furniture, and more. 

If you have light colored carpeting, these dark lines are more visible around baseboards, under doors, and especially near the HVAC (heating and air conditioning systems) return. Filtration is caused by smoke damage. The burning of anything excessively will produce smoke which will leave behind a soot. Now those people out there who don't burn anything yet have gotten them might wonder how. The use of cheap air filters allows alot of the dust which is mainly body dander to pass through and get the whole unit dirty. When it comes time for winter and you kick on the heat there is a weird smell that comes out of the vents. What you smell is the heater burning all of the body dander. 

Take action. To know more about how Oops! Steam Cleaning cleans heating units follow the link. Air duct Cleaning │ Oops Steam Cleaning

Repair the carpet. See what Oops! Steam Cleaning does to remove filtration soiling from your carpet.  Carpet repair │Smoke Damage restoration

​Residential Carpet Cleaning

[These prices do not include waste (urine, vomit, feces, blood) treatment, if needed.]

Carpet Cleaning Cost:

  • Halls ------------------$1.00 per linear ft.

  • Rooms---------------$40.00 under 250 sqft.

  • Stairs:-----------------$2.67 per step

  • Closets/Landings:-- $1.00 per linear ft.

Minimum per visit is $110.00 charge (not including sales tax)

Room charges are based on the average size of 250 sq.ft. per room. Any room more than 250 sq.ft. will be charged accordingly. We ask that all breakables and items you want cleaned under be moved out of the area of cleaning before our arrival. If assistance is needed, then please notify the office.