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All carpet cleaning companies are not the same. When considering a company, know exactly what type of equipment the company is using - do not select a company based on the cheapest price or the best coupon offers!

Rip-Off Pricing Tactics
Before you select a company to clean your carpets, you might want to consider the following to ensure that you don’t become another victim of the industry’s rip-off tactics and poor cleaning results:

Things to Look At


Why It Matters?

Methods of Cleaning

Dry Cleaning/Hot Water Extraction 

Real Steam Cleaning 

Truly clean carpet has no residue. 
Methods of Pricing 
Tell you the lowest price over the phone only to increase when they get there.

Outline pricing over the phone and in person before job is started.  Because nobody wants to haggle over the cleaning price.
 Process of Cleaning
Dry Cleaning will smear the dirt into the carpet. Hot Water Extraction cleaning leaves behind a soapy residue.

 All natural pre-treatment rinsed out with real steam leaving behind no residue.

Safe for children, elderly, and pets.

100% Green

 Cleaning Temperature Room Temp - 200° fluctuating temp.

250 - 300 ° 
constant steam

Allows us to remove dirt/oils without the use of soaps & detergents.
Suction Power 0 - 12 lbs. of vacuum lift  

18 – 20 lbs. of vacuum lift

Once dirt/oils have been loosened, suction power determines how much is actually removed.

The Workers


 Background Check, Constant Drug Screening

 Everyone cares who is around their loved ones and their home. 


Fully Insured

 In case of unforseen accidents or events, we're covered. 

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