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Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Help is just a phone call away

We have extended our hours to meet the demand for Water Removal, Dry Out, and Drywall/Debris Removal in helping the Houston and surrounding areas affected by Hurricane Harvey to overcome the disaster left behind. Oops! Steam Cleaning is a team of trustworthy professionals in the Water Damage Restoration Industry who can help you get your life back to normal.


Residential Water Damage Restoration

Residential Mold Prevention

Residential Drywall/Debris Removal 



Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Mold Prevention

Commercial Drywall/Debris Removal

Cleanup & Restoration

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Floor Care Experts

> Tile and Grout Cleaning

tile and grout care
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dryer vent cleaning

Carpet Cleaning and Tile Cleaning Specialists

Professional carpet cleaning and the best tile and grout cleaning is provided by experienced technicians. 

Oops! Steam Cleaning goes beyond common carpet cleaning companies and even offers the most effective air duct cleaning in Houston, TX.

Flooring and carpet sale and installation
drywall removal and debris removal job in Houston. Residential property flooded during Hurricane Harvey

Oops! Steam Cleaning is knowledgeable to properly care for all types of natural stone floors from granite to marble. Don't risk the beauty of your tile or natural stone floors, call us, we can give your tile the proper maintenance and keep it beautiful. ​​

oops steam cleaning shield of a 30 day warranty on any cleaning or repair service

Carpet cleaning experts at Oops! Steam Cleaning care for indoor air quality.

Oops! Steam Cleaning is proud to be one out of a small group of carpet cleaning companies in Houston that cares about your health and the environment. We use a citric-based carpet cleaning solution (so natural you can even drink it) not only for carpet, but area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning instead of harmful chemicals or shampoos that emulate cleaning by strong chemical smells, leaves residue behind and attracts more dirt after cleaning. 

Our carpet cleaning method allows for a better cleaning without having to use any harsh chemicals. We clean carpet, area rugs and upholstery with pure saturated steam that is hypoallergenic along with a green cleaning solution made of dehydrated orange peels which is sprayed down to sanitize carpet without leaving residue behind. 

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natural stone floor care

Natural Stone Cleaning

Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Granite​

Natural Stone Cleaning and Restoration

Air Duct Cleaning

HVAC Services

>  Air Duct Cleaning

Oops! Steam Cleaning specializes  in carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and is certified to clean natural stone tile and grout.